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The SUPA Cormack Astronomy Meeting will take place at the Royal Society of Edinburgh (22-26 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PQ) on December 15th, 2022. The meeting is organised by scientists at the Universities of Dundee, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, supported by SUPA and the RSE. It is aimed at bringing together cosmologists, astrophysicists and solar physicists from all around Scotland, from early-career scientists and students, to more senior members.

Registration is open for talks until November 27th, and for participants and posters until December 4th.

If you attended the meeting and want to provide some feedback, please use this form before January 15th.

The meeting schedule is below.

9:30-10:00 Welcome & Reception
10:00-11:00 First session
11:00-11:30 Coffee/posters
11:30-12:30 Second session
12:30-13:30 Lunch/posters
13:30-14:30 Third session
14:30-15:00 Coffee/posters
15:00-16:00 Fourth session

First session

Session Chair: Adam Carnall

Callum Donnan – University of Edinburgh – The evolution of the galaxy UV luminosity function at z=8-15

Harry George Chittenden – University of St Andrews –  “Modelling the galaxy-halo connection with semi-recurrent neural networks”

Poster presentations: 1-min pop-up per poster

Second session

Session Chair: Paula Teixeira

Amanda Byström – University of Edinburgh – The Metallicity Structure of the Milky Way Halo

Finn Roper – University of Edinburgh – The diversity of rotation curves of simulated galaxies with cusps and cores

Ancy Anna John – University of St Andrews – One step closer towards the Radial velocity search of Earth-twins

Third session

Session Chair: Iain Hannah

Christopher Osborne – University of Glasgow – “Considering the Radiative Interaction between Solar Flares and Neighbouring Chromosphere”

Sarah Paterson – University of Glasgow – NuSTAR observations of small-scale phenomena in the quiet Sun

Martin Sanner – University of Dundee – Applications of Machine Learning in Solar Physics

Fourth session

Session Chair: Ruhee Kahar

Mariangela Bonavita – The Open University Scotland – The COPAINS Survey: directly imaging companions to accelerating stars

Agata Rożek – University of Edinburgh – The curious consequences of hitting an asteroid really hard

Vivienne Wild – University of St Andrews – “Astronomers for Planet Earth”


Any questions or comments, please contact the organiser.

Please remember that, as with any other SUPA meeting, we abide by the SUPA Code of Conduct.

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