STAR-MELT Python Package talk. Astronomical emission line analysis

STAR-MELT is an automated, portable and user-friendly Jupyter notebook created to analyse time-resolved spectra of young stars. By analysing the time- and velocity-signatures of the emission line spectra, STAR-MELT investigates the physical conditions (temperatures, densities), spatial location, and variability, of the line-emitting regions. These are typically well beyond the limits of direct resolution and interferometry, and include accretion channels, hot spots on and near the stellar surface, stellar and inner disk winds, and the innermost regions of protoplanetary disks. The code is at this point available via collaboration (please contact us if you are interested in using STAR-MELT) and can already analyse data from the VLT spectroscopes (UVES, ESPRESSO, X-SHOOTER), plus FEROS, HARPS, ESPaDOnS, SOPHIE, CHIRON, and can be easily converted to any facility that provides 1D wavelength-calibrated spectra.

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